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“Mack Daddy” is an urban term meaning ‘the king of the street’, or the ‘best at what you do’. It’s for a good reason that the Mack Daddy’s salons are synonymous with both the term and the meanings.

It’s why we were voted –

‘The Best and most Forward Thinking Salon’ – By Laboratoire Garnier

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Some of Our Services

Mack Daddy’s continues to ensure that it remains at the top of the game by furnishing the shops with only self-employed stylists. Each stylist is at the absolute pinnacle of their trade and solely responsible for their ever growing customer base.

Wash Cut N' Finish

Texturizing: Removing bulk from thick hair by cutting diagonally into it, or using different cutting techniques for softness.

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Technical Work

Dimension: Different shades of colour within the hair allowing the colour to not look dull or flat adding ``dimension``

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Shape Ups

Shape-Up also called Edge-Up is the name given to a form of grooming that involves cutting along the natural hairline.

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Blunt Cut: A haircut in which your stylist will cut your hair straight across for one, even length—opposite of a piecey look.

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You’re Never Fully Dressed

Without Great Hair

Mack Daddy’s ensures that each stylist’s individual success is created by their complete attention to their clients needs and wants, and of course by their results.
This unique set up is what keeps the Mack Daddy brand both competitive and successful. Cutting edge isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are!